All our Sheep/Goat originate from very clean environment and are fed and grown naturally. No additional ortificial feeding is done and so all the meat is more natural and just like organic.

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To Create World Class Cuisine!

Taking our vision of excellence and growth a step further, we at AOV have now started supplying quality Chicken and goat meat, or in simpler terms, chicken and mutton. Catering to the growing demands of customers from all over the country and the world, we have used our expertise to procure and sell the finest quality of halal meat to everybody.

The obtaining, processing and packing of all types of meat is a highly sensitive and precise process, and with our existing high levels of excellence, it is more of a habit than an innovative technique that is being used to provide the choicest meat for national and international clients.

We follow good manufacturing processes. Our processes are mechanised to ensure that the fresh and pure meat is hygienically and systematically wrapped for shipping purposes. The meat processing plants are staffed with dedicated ...

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